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Arduino projects round-up

Arduino Projects Round-Up – Designed to Inspire

There are so many inspiring ideas, projects , concepts and capabilities out there that it is impossible to keep pace with it all. In our Arduino Projects round-up each week we will highlight just a few we have glimpsed each week. Please feel free to share and if you like what you find, sign-up for our Newsletter or Like us on Facebook. This way we can all spread the word about the new projects and resources we encounter in not just Arduino based projects but Raspberry-Pi and a number of the leading maker platforms.

If you are new to Arduino then think of it as like Lego for electronics. It is not quite as simple as that and we have seen some great projects that actually make the best from both worlds.

Here are a small selection to get us started:

Respeaker Hackable Open Hardware for Voice Interfaces Looks Interesting for Arduino Projects

This one features ReSpeaker, it is a hackable open hardware voice inteface. Programmable using Arduino, Python, Node.js, Lua and C/C++. ReSpeaker also supports a range of interesting hardware add-ons like Groove Expansion, Microphone Array, etc… For more about the Kickstarter project take a look here

ReSpeaker supports speech recognition using Microsoft Cognitive Service, Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Speech API,, Houndify, etc… You might also like to see the article on Respeaker on The Verge, here Turn anything into an Amazon Echo. You can also see here on Seed Blog the 5 reasons to use a ReSpeaker for your project

A further example of Respeaker applied in this Video

Hence Respeaker looks interesting and there is GitHub Repository here.

Maker Projects with an Arduino Flavour

3 to sample with Downloads on, and thanks to Instructables:

  1. Word Clock Maker, take a look,
  2. Cyclists a Shirt that lights up and on your back tells those behind which way you are turning. Sewable Arduino, now that has got to be interesting.
  3. Purely for the fun element a Swimming Robotic Snake Watch the Swiming Snake on this Video.


Arduino Biometrics for Your Garage Door Anyone?

Fingerprint access control with an Arduino base, take look a this video.


More on Voice Control and Arduino Projects, a handy directory here

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Who are we?

UK specialist in affordable open source components for Arduino and compatible projects

Moore Duino is a UK specialist arm of Moore Estates UK Ltd with a well-established track record in online selling, computers IT and programmable electronics.

We also designed and developed the very popular electronic Automatic Chicken Door Opener  in our Dawn till Dusk Doors range.

With decades of experience in IT , computers, hardware and electronics design and development, this was a natural extension of Russ Moore’s experience and knowledge of sourcing direct from specialist manufacturers around the world. He knows  the needs and has experienced the hassles and the good news is therefore you do not have to.

You can buy direct from Moore Duino knowing your products have already been sourced, checked and verified.

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