Arduino MEGA 2560 1280 Sensor Shield v2.0 Expansion Board

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This is an expansion shield for the Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 and Arduino MEGA 1280 (or clones).
It not only allows for ease of the development and prototyping, but also makes a convenient way to hook up many external devices and sensors. If you need extra jumper cables etc you should some of the lines we have here at Moore Duino as good and as cheap as anywhere in Europe with first class delivery UK and only £3.50 for any amount of items purchased in Europe!!!


Module Description:
Arduino MEGA 2560 1280 Sensor Shield v2.0 Expansion Board

This Module plugs on top of  MEGA 2560 and makes available the 53 digital and 15 analogue inputs/outputs with Vcc and GND.
Every connection has a set of 3 pins: GND, Voltage and Signal making it easy to wire up and connect to external peripherals.

It supports peripherals that would be connected to a MEGA such as SPI interface, (for SD card module and other modules) Bluetooth, 6 pin ICSP connector.

Power on LED, reset button and connection to an external power source via a screw terminal block for providing power to servos, relays, and other attached peripherals.

A jumper pin determines what power source (5v) the board should use for attached devices.
All “V” pins on the board is supplied by:
Jumper on – +5 comes from the Arduino and therefore its use should NOT exceed 300 ma
Jumper off – +5 comes from an external supply supplied via the terminal block.

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Handy Hints and Tips

Bluetooth: 3V3, GND, D0/RX0, D1/TX0, GND, 5V
SD Card: D50/MISO, D52/SCK, D53/SS, D51/MOSI, 5V, GND
APC220 (Wireless): –, D19/RX1, D18/TX1, –, 5V, GND
URF01 (ultrasonic): 5V, D48, D49, GND

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