Terms and Conditions of Sales

Moore-Duino is a brand name of Moore Estates UK. Our terms and conditions of Sale are as follows:

  1. Please note we are a UK Business paying UK taxes.
  2. Moore Duino products are in the UK right now: sourced by us internationally, we handle the hassles so that you do not have to.. If we are selling an item, it is landed here in the UK and will be as described.
  3. Shipping is Free to UK Addresses and can offer very competitive shipping rates to Europe.
  4. We are an established business , part of the Moore Estates UK Ltd.
  5. Prices are quoted inclusive of tax.
  6. All goods ordered must be paid for in advance in our online shop.
  7. No card details are stored on this website, we take your security and privacy seriously.
  8. When you make a payment the transaction is processed by PayPal, this means we never actually know and/or store your card details.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.